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Whether your motorcycle is a Honda or a Suzuki, or any other model, chances are it has a Vehicle Identification Number. This VIN is an alphanumeric string that identifies a motorcycle and its manufacturer.

The motorcycle VIN is to your bike what DNA is to humans. Like the DNA, the VIN can describe the most basic qualities of a specific vehicle.

Every motorcycle, since 1981, has always come with a special VIN to differentiate it from others. This article will explain how to use a motorcycle VIN decoder and how you can run a motorcycle VIN check with it. Follow along!

How Does a Motorcycle VIN Decoder Work?

To get information encoded in the DNA, you need a tool to analyze DNA samples and extract info. The Motorcycle VIN decoder does something similar but for motorcycles.

Your motorcycle VIN comprises a bunch of random figures and letters that store specific info about your bike. But you might not have the patience to find out what each letter or number in the VIN means.

A Yamaha motorcycle VIN decoder makes your job easier by helping you discover the meaning of symbols in your VIN. So you don’t have to busy yourself with decoding the motorcycle VIN all by yourself.

Typically, the motorcycle VIN decoder will decode the VIN in under a minute. Then it will gather all the information decoded from the VIN into a detailed report, which you can check.

The VIN decoder will also help you retrieve information in various databases about your motorcycle. For instance, the VIN report will show if your bike’s VIN was entered in a database tracking recall actions.

How to Decode a Motorcycle VIN (Step-by-Step)?

We always advise using a motorcycle VIN decoder to decode motorcycle VIN numbers, as it makes your life easier. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how to decode a bike VIN.

We have created this super-helpful guide on how you can decode your motorcycle VIN in seconds:

World Manufacturer Index (WMI)

The World Manufacturer Index covers the first three symbols in the VIN. The first VIN symbol indicates where your bike was built while the second VIN symbol denotes the bike manufacturer. Then the third VIN symbol indicates the type of bike.

Vehicle Descriptor Section (VDS)

Every vehicle has distinguishing qualities like its make, model, transmission system, and engine size. Information about all these features is encoded in the Vehicle Descriptor Section, a collection of VIN symbols from the 4th to 8th VIN symbol.

Security Check Digit

The 9th VIN symbol, aka security check digit, informs the motorcycle VIN decoder on the validity of your VIN. A wrong security check digit automatically means the entire VIN is invalid.

Vehicle Identifier Section (VIS)

The Vehicle Descriptor Section alone cannot list all details pertaining to your car. So you have the Vehicle Identifier Section (VIS), which comprises the 10th to 17th VIN symbols. Decoding this section will reveal the bike’s model year and serial number.

What Information Can You Decode with a Motorcycle VIN Decoder?

A motorcycle VIN decoder grants you free access to important details about your bike. Here are some motorcycle details you can when you get a motorcycle VIN lookup:

  • Model year
  • Model trim
  • Engine size
  • Transmission type
  • Location of production (factory and country)
  • Production sequence number
  • Manufacturer

The motorcycle VIN decoder will also provide non-technical details that may help paint a better picture of a bike’s status or condition. Such info includes:

  • Involvements in recall campaigns
  • Inclusion in theft databases
  • Salvage history
  • Warranty claim history
  • Insurance policy

Why is a Motorcycle VIN Lookup Important?

Here’s the $64,000 dollar question: why do you need to get a motorcycle VIN lookup? Well, we like to believe that a VIN lookup ensures that you have adequate info about a vehicle, especially before buying.

Too many rogues are out there selling motorcycles that have defects (and multiple recalls), or suspect histories. Looking up a motorcycle’s VIN tells you everything you need to know about the bike.

You may also need your VIN to find correct spare parts for your bike when repair time comes around. This is because most online shops will ask for particular bike specifications, which you can easily get from the VIN lookup report.

Motorcycle Sample VIN Numbers

Here is a sample motorcycle VIN number that we decoded using the VIN decoder guide. Use this as a guide for decoding other motorcycle VIN numbers.

  • VIN — JH2RC3605CM101581
  • Model year = 1982
  • Country of production = Japan
  • Manufacturer = Honda
  • Serial number = M101581
  • Type = 2-wheel motorbike
  • Security check digit = '5'

Motorcycle VIN Lookup Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do I find my motorcycle VIN number?

Most motorcycles will have the VIN number stamped on their frame. Better still, you can just ask the previous owner for the bike’s VIN number.

What other information can I get from a motorcycle VIN lookup?

Some online motorcycle VIN check services can tell if your bike has been involved in a collision and disaster. You may also get real-market pricing for that bike from a VIN lookup.

How do I lookup a motorcycle VIN?

Our free motorcycle VIN decoder makes the VIN lookup easy. It only requires that you feed the VIN into the search field and hit ‘check VIN’, and get your report.

Can I do a VIN lookup for any motorcycle?

Yes! The decoder is open to owners and buyers of various motorcycles. For instance, you can use the Honda motorcycle decoder and Suzuki VIN decode decoder for Honda and Suzuki bikes respectively.

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